Who needs a bath? An amazing story about a boy who just wanted to be clean

rubber duckDid you know that 2.5 billion people do not have access to proper water and sanitation globally?

Of these 2.5 billion people, 450 million live in Africa and 5 million of them live in South Africa. So a lot of people in the world are not able to wash themselves, which in turn allows certain diseases to spread that could have easily been prevented if these people were able to take ‘a bath’.

Now I recently heard the story of Ludwick Marishane, a young entrepreneur from South Africa. He grew up as one of the children who had no access to proper water to wash himself in the morning. It frustrated him so much that now, 15 years later, he has invented a cheap, clean and convenient solution to this problem called: DryBath.

It’s a waterless bathing lotion and millions of people around the world who have limited access to water are using this product to bathe themselves.

This is such a positive story and a great example of “to every problem, there is a solution”.  Maybe this inspiring story can serve as a positive light in this messy world. It certainly offered me inspiration for what the future holds if more people like Ludwick Marishane stand up.

See his TED talk on: http://www.ted.com/speakers/ludwick_marishane


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