From Oxford, to Rotterdam, to Cape Town

Wow! What a year!

From start to finish- being a part of the post-graduate community at Oxford University has given me wings to fly to new experiences in all parts of the world without fear! I am blessed with friends all over the world and it will be difficult for me to keep in touch with all of them. So one of the reasons I’m writing a blog every week is to give you all a window into my experiences and possibly inspire others to also spread their wings.

So next stop: Cape Town. And by next stop I mean that I am flying to Cape Town tomorrow evening to start my internship with Over the Rainbow. This is going to be a project in the form of a book focused on “to give small businesses the tools and support to make a meaningful contribution to the South African economy”.  Now what does this mean exactly?

Good question which will be answered in due course. I will be conducting research on the subject of entrepreneurs and the steps they need to set up a business. Think about a good business plan, a brand, core mission, values, market plan, networking, using media, building a reputation etc…

A completely different topic and new adventure for sure!


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